Quantitative Development Group, Inc.

Quant Research and Development, Big Data, Statistical Programming and Custom Analytics


Quantitative Development Group is there to meet any quantitative, technical, or multi-disciplinary scenario you can pose. We love challenging projects and have no problem serving up introductions to other specialists or consultants should your needs be best met by someone else.


Scott Hutchins is the President of Quantitative Development Group, a company focusing on software as a service enabling new markets to use technologies in innovative ways. Prior to founding Quantitative Development Group, Scott worked in the Department of Energy and Department of Defense on Nuclear Reactor Instrumentation and Control Systems. He enjoys bringing highly quantitative techniques learned as a nuclear control systems engineer into all applications. This includes his work in architecting a Healthcare Customer Relationship Management Platform for a private client, acting as a solutions architect for Marketing Automation implementation while at Marketo, and leading the technology and engineering teams while Chief Technology Officer at OnDeck Digital.

Scott received a BS and MS of Electrical Engineering from the University of Southern California. He then received a graduate certificate in Nuclear Engineering from the Bettis Reactor Engineering School. In addition, Scott completed his Master of Science in Finance at George Washington University.

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